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Dyniecia Barnes

Senior Educator

Dyniecia Barnes

Dyniecia Barnes, a formally trained Master Cosmetologist receiving her credentials from Iverson Institute, is an avid student with a Masters degrees in Business Administration and Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Dyniecia used the full arsenal of her formal education, corporate experience, technical knowledge and propensity for education and leadership to launch the Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services Agency.

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The 5 Star Business Series is a next-level business course that puts the desires of an aspiring business owner into action. The program consists of a series of online courses that actually educates the entrepreneur on the fundamental components required to run a successful business - the WHY, The WHAT, and THE HOW. The courses provide real world knowledge from real world entrepreneurs sharing real world lessons learned, tools and resources. To learn more about upcoming events and to see a full list of the 5 Star Biz Series Online Courses click the button below.
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