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Jamillah W., Certified Microlink Specialist

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Microlink Specialist

are able to help their clients in the following ways

  • Install microlinks safely to any hair type; straight or curly, long or short, thin or thick, naturally straight or naturally curly including clients with 4c hair.

  • Install microlink hair extensions at least 5 different ways to meed the needs of the client.

  • Use microlinks to create a flawless natural look with hair extension using the Braidless Sew in, Over-Under, and Individuals; just to name a few.

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You could be earning an additional $200 to $900 person install with this unique skill set. NO WAY! WAY! It's so easy to get started. Listen to what Mahogany has to say about what she learned in the course.
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Certified Microlink Specialist

Mahogany W., Certified Microlink Specialist

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Why the Microlink Masterclass?

  • Earn more MONEY

    Generate $200+ to $900+ to your daily revenue

  • Get More Time Back

    Microlinks take half the time it takes to do a sew in and generates more income for the service. No matter what... YOU'RE WINNING

  • Subject Matter Expert

    By the time you're done with this class, you can and will hit the ground running. As a matter of fact, you should add it to your menu IMMEDIATELY.


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Dyniecia Barnes

Senior Educator

Dyniecia Barnes

Dyniecia Barnes, a formally trained Master Cosmetologist receiving her credentials from Iverson Institute, is an avid student with a Masters degrees in Business Administration and Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Dyniecia used the full arsenal of her formal education, corporate experience, technical knowledge and propensity for education and leadership to launch the Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services Agency.