The Microlink Certification Course

Is an advancement to the Masterclass

Each student undergoes a final exam of all techniques to ensure a through understanding of techniques, the what, how, and why of every intricacy and detail. They are given the opportunity to perform the technique with the educator present to answer any and all questions, and to ensure accuracy of execution. Practice does not make excellence. Perfect Practice Does.
Microlink Certification Course

Course curriculum

Listen to the

Student testimonial of Jamillah W.

as she describes the benefits of the course materials to her successful accomplishment of becoming a Certified Microlink Specialist.
Jamillah W. - Sow Into You Salon LLC

Jamillah W. - Certified Microlink Specialist


Why the Microlink Certification?

  • More bang for your BUCK

    Generate $450+ to $1500+ to your daily revenue. Generate $100 to $250 in revenue as an add-on service.

  • Time is Money

    Make more money in less time which frees you up to spend more time doing the other things you love or earn more money.

  • Your Certified

    Doubt is eliminated and fear is non-existent. You can be confident that you know what you know and you know you can get it right the first time.

Ms Mahogany is a Loctician who is also a

Certified Microlink Specialist

She had taken a microlink course before taking the certification course and shares the differences she thought made ALL THE DIFFERENCE after taking the Microlink Certification Course with Dyniecia Barnes. See what she had to the say in the testimonial below.
Mahogany W. - Styles by Mahogany

Mahogany W - Styles by Mahogany


So what are you waiting for?

Your and your clients are worth investing in your craft to enhance your talents and your skill set.

  • Install microlinks safely to any hair type; straight or curly, long or short, thin or thick, naturally straight or naturally curly including clients with 4c hair.

  • Solve your client's problems and give them what they want the first time.

  • And go get your MONEY Honey!

Create beautiful work that looks like this.

Be the solution your client has been searching for.

Befores and Afters of

MIcrolink clients performed by educator Dyniecia Barnes

Can't you see yourself now?

Doing Microlinks instead of sew ins?

Your clients, your back, and your feet will thank you. So why wait?
Get started today!
Certified Microlink Specialist


Give yourself a raise, and take this course.

Meet Your Educator


Dyniecia Barnes

Senior Educator

Dyniecia Barnes

Dyniecia Barnes, a formally trained Master Cosmetologist receiving her credentials from Iverson Institute, is an avid student with a Masters degrees in Business Administration and Project Management from Keller Graduate School of Management. Dyniecia used the full arsenal of her formal education, corporate experience, technical knowledge and propensity for education and leadership to launch the Dyniecia Barnes Consulting & Professional Services Agency.