Hair Loss 101

Do you know what to do if your client starts to lose their hair?

This course will introduce you to the most common hair loss and scalp problems you are most likely to see in the salon that leads to hair. After this course, you will know how to identify the problems and advise your clients on the best course of action to resolve it.
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Meet Your Educator

Tracie Radford

Senior Educator

Tracie Radford

Tracie Radford is a Hair Loss Expert , Licensed Cosmetologist, Educator, Author, Speaker and a Coach that has been in the beauty industry for over 27 years. Mrs. Radford received training in Cosmetology from Riverside Community College and graduated with an Associate's of Science degree in Cosmetology. After several of her cosmetology clients experiencing hair loss, she enrolled in the International Association of Trichologist (IAT) under the direction of one of the leaders in the hair loss industry, David Salinger. Mrs. Radford is dedicated to assisting men, women, and children in taking control and finding solutions for their hair loss and scalp challenges.